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Spa Bag

Girl, you need to calm down and relax! Momma's got a brand new bag! Honeycat "Spa Bag". This thing is jam packed with everything a Honeycat needs to feel purrfectly pampered!  Create your own, day at the spa! Now, THIS is what we call, slipping into something more comfortable!

This Spa Bag set includes:

16oz SPP ( or Coquito ) Bubble bath
Signature Honeycat Spa Robe
Grooming Day/buttermilk & Honey bar soap
Cat on a Hot Tin/ Coconut milk/mango soy candle
Signature Honeycat spa slippers
Rub My Tummy/ buttermilk & honey body cream
Chocolate bath melt treats ( box of 8 )
Signature Honeycat premium towel
Organic Loofah brush
Signature Honeycat washcloth
Beautiful Spa Bag